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ASOS sales soar despite economy reopening

Sales for ASOS have continued to soar despite the highstreet reopening.

In response, Samantha Mansfield discusses how the marketplace retailer has been so successful and online retail is going to prevail post-pandemic:

“ASOS’ sales growth proves that even when the economy reopens and highstreets fill up, an effective digital strategy is key to retail success. 

Benefiting from increased promotional activity, the online retailer has managed to capture demand for purchases ahead of Freedom Day and summer holidays. With a date in the diary for the end to restrictions, if ASOS can overcome short-term supply chain issues, it is well-positioned to continue growing customer base and sales. 

The recent announcement of the joint venture between US department brand Nordstrom and ASOS to sell Topshop in their US stores indicates the company’s global aspirations. Many brands have tried and failed to break the US, so the UK retail market will watch the venture with interest.  

ASOS’ ongoing success may be a final warning for those clinging to brick-and-mortar only strategy. Online retail is going to carry its momentum post-pandemic.”