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BlueFinity International announces new features for rapid app development platform Evoke

BlueFinity International has introduced new features and enhancements to Evoke, its rapid app development platform – making the tool even easier to use for companies looking to create professional looking, full function business apps for multiple devices more quickly and cost effectively. Evoke enables companies to cost-effectively create web, hybrid and native apps that fully integrate and synchronise them with existing back-end systems and databases.

New Chatbot feature

To improve help and support for users, a new chatbot feature has been added that will give users chat-style AI support.  The chatbot interface is simple and intuitive to use.  Once set up, users will be able to type questions and the chatbot will answer in a similar style to an online chat operator, and it delivers round the clock support.

New Signature panel feature

A new signature panel feature that allows users to use their fingertips to sign has also been introduced. This is the perfect solution for signing legal documents or to confirm deliveries electronically.  Installing this feature into the app is easy and intuitive.

Ability to print straight from the App

Another useful component is an extended printing capability, where users can initiate the printing of information from apps running on all mobile and desktop devices.

Improved development control

Evoke now also enables better team work for multiple developers. It has introduced multi-developer source code control, where the team leader can set restrictions on who can access and change code and content. The team leader can then control the acceptance of sub-team developments in to the main development project. This ensures that junior and citizen developers can be used as part of a development team, without any risk of changing work completed by more senior team members.

Improved ability to make layout changes and improved calculated field abilities

It is also easier for developers to make changes to font style and sizes, as well as now offering expanded calculated field abilities with support for string expressions and data conversion.