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Breakout Session Geared Toward Women in the Industry Gained Much Attention at ELEVATE – Construction’s Heavy Work Conference, Inspiring A Webinar to Further Conversation

Command Alkon, the Leading Supplier Collaboration Platform for Construction’s Heavy Work, is pleased to announce the “Women Building Amazing” breakout session at the ELEVATE Conference was very well received; cultivating many ideas to advance greater diversity in the construction industry and inspiring further engagement via an upcoming webinar.

At ELEVATE, guest speaker Anne Ellis spoke about her experience as a woman and a mother in the construction industry, as well as the benefits that women and men working together can bring to the work environment. After her presentation, Anne opened the floor up for attendees to voice their opinions, concerns, challenges, and successes. It was an environment where people came together to discuss the current state of women in the industry and express their thoughts for progression and how to propel the industry forward.

“We created a series back in March called ‘Women Building Amazing,’ which served as a stepping stone in to this conversation for Command Alkon,” said Karli Langner, Marketing Communications Specialist at Command Alkon. “I was very pleased with the outcome of the session – it indicates that this is a conversation that is important to our industry, and that there is support from both women and men to break free from stereotypes and promote diversity in the Construction workforce.”

Anne Ellis has agreed to join us again in April to continue this conversation. She will be joined by Julie Garbini, Executive Director for the Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) Research & Education Foundation.

About Our Guests

Julie Garbini

Julie Garbini is Executive Director of the RMC Research & Education Foundation. In this capacity, Mrs. Garbini manages the Foundation’s various research and education projects, including representing the ready mixed concrete industry on the four-person Research Advisory Council for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Concrete Sustainability Hub (CSHub).

Anne Ellis

Anne Ellis is the Founder and CEO of Ellis Global. Anne began her career in structural engineering practice followed by roles with the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association and Portland Cement Association advancing new technologies, approaches, and industry collaborations. She is coauthor of the “Concrete Design and Construction” chapter of the Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers, Fifth Edition. Anne serves on numerous industry boards and U.S. Government advisory councils. She also serves as Executive Director of the Charles Pankow Foundation, funding collaborations that provide the architecture, engineering and construction industry with better ways to design and build.

To sign up for the webinar on April 23 at 1pm click here.