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Cameras save money for aggregates specialist

Aggregates specialist Kealshore Ltd says it is saving money thanks to its camera systems from Durite.

Based in Kirkby near Liverpool, Kealshore specialises in pipe bedding, sand washing, groundworks supplies, site clearance, haulage and excavation. Celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, the company is known for supplying recycled aggregates to the construction industry in north-west England. It operates its own wash plant to meet growing demand for clean aggregates.

Kealshore operates a fleet of 20 four-axle tippers and one rigid truck with a grabber. The vehicles are mixture of DAF, Volvo and Mercedes brands and have been fitted with Durite cameras for around 10 years. The company started out with reversing cameras and most recently installed Durite’s SD card four-channel digital video recording (DVR) kits across its entire fleet.

Durite SD card DVR systems are a more affordable alternative to DVRs with hard drives. They are designed to have high resistance to vibration, ensuring that the DVRs are more durable than similar products on the market.

Darren McClymont, garage foreman for Kealshore, said: “Working in the aggregates business, our wagons spend a lot of time on construction sites. Undoubtedly, the cameras are a great visual aid for our drivers when they are reversing or performing other manoeuvres. However, the primary benefit to our business has been having a clear and accurate record of events during an accident. Surprisingly, there are still plenty of fraudsters out there who will attempt to scam you without hesitation. Fortunately, with our camera recording system in place, there have been numerous occasions where the footage from the Durite DVRs has unequivocally shown that our driver was not at fault.”

Compatible with both 12V or 24V vehicles, Durite provides the complete kit including a high-resolution 7” LCD monitor, plus four infrared cameras that provide clear footage day or night including a forward-facing, rear and two side cameras, and a four-channel DVR with 32GB SD card.

“We have had instances where someone has claimed something has fallen off from one of our vehicles and damaged their car and we have been able to very quickly prove that it did not happen,” added Darren. “There are collisions where they have tried to blame our driver when the footage obviously shows we were not at fault. It is fair to say that Durite cameras have successfully saved us a good amount of money and time over the years.”

“The drivers love them because the cameras protect them from these false claims as well as helping them daily. We actually keep a small consignment of cameras and DVRs on stock so we can quickly replace components and keep the systems running.”

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