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Copado Trains More Than 35,000 DevOps Specialists in the Salesforce Ecosystem to Address On-going Skills Gap

Copado, the global leader in low-code DevOps, today announced it has trained more than 35,000 DevOps specialists and certified more than 20,000 DevOps professionals. The Copado Copaverse is the largest low-code DevOps ecosystem in the world where members can learn, connect and grow their careers. It includes unlimited clouds, more than 150 partners, 1,100 customers and 50,000 community members.

The Salesforce ecosystem continues to grow, with estimates that it will create 9.3 million jobs globally by 2026 and will require additional talent to fill roles across the globe. There is a growing need for specialists in DevOps, security, DevSecOps and low-code administration. The training and certification from Copado has upskilled thousands of administrators, developers and architects to address this skills gap.

“Now more than ever businesses are focused on how to enable employees and support customers digitally while defending against more security threats, yet finding the talent they need has never been more challenging,” said Ashley Dodge, vice president of community at Copado. “As a leader in low-code DevOps, it is part of our charter to create and support a diverse and vibrant community where members can uplevel their DevOps and security skills and connect with experts. By sharing new tactics and crafting new tools, Copado continues to upskill and train technical teams to support advanced development processes.”

To support the global Copado community, the company is launching its Copaverse Roadshow on June 15. It will host in-person events in Austin, Chicago, New York, London, Bangalore, Jaipur and Hyderabad in 2022 to share more information about the new way of working on low-code delivery teams and inspire Salesforce development teams to implement DevOps best practices.

In its Community, Copado currently offers 45 training modules to support the next wave of DevOps professionals and continues to deliver new resources each month, helping development teams grow and continue to level-up their DevOps skills. Its newest modules include:

Build Automated Tests with QWords: Learn how to create automated web and Salesforce-specific test cases using QWords.

Copado for Mulesoft: Learn how Copado’s out-of-the-box Mulesoft support can help manage Salesforce and Mulesoft pipelines in the same place, creating a consistent and connected DevOps environment.

Get Started with Copado Essentials: Begin your Salesforce DevOps journey for free.

Copado’s goal is to make release days obsolete by empowering customers to deliver business value quicker and maximize their ROI.  People are the code at Copado and the members of the Copaverse leverage the power of DevOps and Robotic Testing to ramp up innovation and end the pain of release days.

More information about the Copado Copaverse can be found at

Anyone interested in attending the Copaverse Roadshow can choose a city here: