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Customers set to ‘seize the potential’ of the digital revolution with the release of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management V12

Sage(FTSE: SGE), the market leader for cloud business management solutions, today announced the release of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management V12, its intuitive and customisable ERP solution for fast-growing businesses.

Customers in product-centric businesses with mission critical operations, specifically in manufacturing, distribution and agriculture, will now be able to: 

  • Choose how they use the solution, based on their need for cloud, hybrid or on-premise deployment
  • Select role-based, responsive interfaces that present tailored workflow, data, and analytics customisable by job role
  • Integrate bespoke third-party apps to extend the functionality of Enterprise Management with newly opened APIs


As manufacturing and supply chain operations become increasingly digitalised, the fourth industrial revolution is forcing businesses to rethink the way they connect products with processes.

This latest release of Enterprise Management enables customers to choose a solution built for their industry, hosted in the cloud, on premise or in a hybrid model. In turn, this enables them to make use of technology to improve standards, drive efficiency and increase visibility of their entire operations.

Rob Sinfield, VP, Enterprise Management, Sage said “Technology is changing the way these critical industries operate, providing enormous opportunity but increasing complexity. Our mission is to help our customers seize the potential of this digital revolution with increased choice, and greater insights and efficiency. Enterprise Management is the complete solution for customers wanting to bring products and processes together, and our open platform means the functionality will only deepen and the possibilities for customers will continue to grow.”

The latest release of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management delivers customers:

New Cloud Service Options for Greater Flexibility 

Enterprise Management expands the Sage Business Cloud footprint with the introduction of new cloud services, offering unrivalled levels of choice for all businesses regardless of complexity or size.

Cloud service offerings in Enterprise Management now include a selection of deployment options across Private Cloud or Public Cloud with the ability to customize and use plugins. For customers not wanting to work in the cloud Enterprise Management can also be deployed hosted or on-premise.

New Responsive User Interface Provides a Platform for Business Growth  

Now powered by a redesigned, intuitive navigation and a responsive design framework, Enterprise Management enables users to work seamlessly across devices and provides easier access to data and process inquiries. Enterprise Management users can:

  • Streamline Workflows to accelerate the management of business from procurement to manufacturing, inventory, sales, customer service and financials
  • Deliver Personalised Real-Time Insights with access to live dashboards customised for specific business roles to monitor performance and alert the user to anomalies affecting business
  • Create Customisable Scoreboards for individual business roles and navigate up and down the audit trail to manage risks


An Open Ecosystem

Powered by APIs and designed to streamline integrations with industry solutions, developers and customers alike can now plug 3rd party applications into the solution, further automating process and connections.

Included are two new query frameworks for Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management APIs – Graph QL and Sage Data Integration API. This technology can shorten integration times to as little as two days and supports end users to streamline processes, minimise duplication and reduce errors.

For example, working with Sage partner, Datel’s customer, Jupiter Group is using Enterprise Management to explore the possibilities of providing end customers with visibility of the supply chain using Blockchain. This joint innovation enables customers to view the journey the product has been on from seed to shelf, giving complete supply chain visibility.

Yvonne Tweddle, Director of Jupiter Group said “We are excited about the possibilities of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management V12. Building food provenance is an area of ERP that we are passionate about as every product has a story to tell. Using blockchain technology to bring transparency of the supply chain, we can empower consumers to choose a product they know and trust. Sage and Datel are helping us to bring this passion to life with Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management.”

To learn more about additional operational innovations included in the rollout of Enterprise Management visit Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management.