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Dataiku Releases Newest Episode of ‘AI & Us’: Money & the Machine

Shaun McGirr (pictured)
EMEA RVP of AI Strategy, Dataiku

Dataiku has released the fourth installment of the AI ​​& Us series; an exploration of how industries are changing through increasingly accessible AI. The new web series explores how AI is changing our daily lives: from how we dress, to the gender pay gap. Episode 4, Money and the Machine, explores how technology is shaping the future of banking (and possibly our personal finances).

One of the best-known examples of artificial intelligence in banking is the chatbot. This is partly because they are so visible to the customer. Who hasn’t interacted with chatbots for things like customer service these days? That visibility will only increase in 2023 due to the renewed interest in conversational AI thanks to ChatGPT. But when you look under the hood, there’s so much more to AI in banking than meets the eye.

The latest installment of the AI ​​& Us series takes a closer look at the role of AI within the banking industry, alongside experts from Standard Chartered Bank, Dataiku, the University of Surrey, and Toggle AI. Among other things, the new episode talks about what is possible – and could be – with AI in the banking sector in the coming years. For example: Can AI predict or even prevent the next credit crisis? The question is discussed in roundtable format by participants.

According to Shaun McGirr, EMEA RVP of AI Strategy at Dataiku, the new series shows how AI is becoming an everyday tool within companies, and not just in the data science lab:

“At AI & Us, we are looking beyond the obvious use cases to show how the ever-lowering threshold for AI is transforming entire industries. It was a privilege to learn from people with completely different perspectives, be they seasoned AI experts, relative newbies making a disproportionate impact, or those with a broader perspective on how changes in society are driving AI adoption. Throughout the series, we’ve strived to cut through the hype, neutralize buzzwords, and remind everyone working on AI of their obligation to be accountable and act with an eye to the future.”

Episode 4, Money and the Machine is available now, and will be followed by Episode 5, The Gender Pay Gap.