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DeliveryCircle Delivers on Your Schedule to Meet Peak Demand

DeliveryCircle, LLC, a same-day delivery solution for shippers, believes companies need to focus on staying competitive with ever quicker delivery expectations. With growing competition for quick, same-day deliveries from Amazon, big-box stores, e-commerce sites and imports entering markets in great numbers, retailers need to step up their logistics operations to meet or exceed customer service levels. DeliveryCircle is helping these companies deliver on the schedules their customers want.

“This past Black Friday, retailers generated over $6.22B in online sales, according to Adobe Analytics, for an increase of 23.6 percent compared to last year,” said Vijaya Rao, CEO of DeliveryCircle. “This statistic shows that more and more people are going online to shop. Retailers who offer two-day delivery, need to move beyond catch up to offer same-day, which is what consumers want.”

DeliveryCircle offers same-day, last mile solutions via a powerful, scalable, SaaS-based platform and a large network of well-screened drivers and vehicles supported by operations, customer service personnel and best-in-class 3PL partners.

Three unique delivery models are available to deliver on a business’ schedule, including:

  • Point to point – Business to business deliveries or business to consumer deliveries.
  • Point to multi-point (sweep) – Single vehicle picks up a number of orders at storefront or business and delivers to multiple locations. For example, the driver goes to a store at 4:00 PM to pick up orders for 15 customers, then delivers all the orders by a certain time. Best for fulfilling orders by a certain time.
  • Extended range point to multi-point – Linehaul truck carries orders to a cross-dock facility that is located close to the city; orders are then parceled out into smaller vehicles for delivery to end customers.


“At DeliveryCircle, we focus on customer service and helping our customers meet their delivery requirements,” added Rao. “Retailers and businesses enjoy narrow pickup window schedules and service level agreement optimization from DeliveryCircle, maximizing customer satisfaction. DeliveryCircle works to protect clients’ brands with personalized pick-up, delivery and return instructions that meet customer requirements.”