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DS Smith installs a single-pass digital printer with sustainable water-based ink

DS Smith, a global provider of sustainable fibre-based packaging solutions, has expanded its high-end digital printing services and is leading industry with the installation of a Nozomi 14000 AQ single-pass water-based digital inkjet printer. The printer is pioneered by the technology manufacturer, Electronics for Imaging (EFI) and is designed for high-resolution printing with water-based ink.

The Nozomi 14000 AQ single-pass water-based digital inkjet printer is in operation at the DS Smith facility in Torrelavit, and it is set up to print directly on to corrugated cardboard using specific ink quantities for each production. It is one of the most advanced high-speed single-pass inkjet printing solutions in the marketplace, and the 1.4-metre-wide printer provides DS Smith customers with significant advantages in terms of reducing both lead times and waste in comparison to analogue production methods such as lithographic lamination.

In addition, DS Smith customers can benefit from increased flexibility when using the Nozomi 14000 digital printing processes for their corrugated cardboard packaging solutions, and the newly installed machinery allows them to create multiple design versions and variations in a single production run, without compromising on the quality of their final sustainable packaging products.

Albert Forcadell, Operations Director Packaging South Europe:

“At DS Smith, we are driving greater sustainability and efficiency in packaging by implementing the most advanced high-speed digital printing technologies in our plants. This new technology not only ensures low energy consumption and maximum production efficiency, but also allows us to deliver high print quality with state-of-the-art printheads and maximum accuracy.

By meeting the highest sustainability standards, this innovation reinforces our commitment to Redefining Packaging for a Changing World and allows us to be more competitive, better meet our customers’ demands and access new specific market segments. These achievements would not have been possible without our partner Electronics for Imaging, to whom we are deeply grateful.”

As leaders in sustainable fibre-based packaging solutions, DS Smith is potentially one of the first companies to introduce the prestigious pre-print inkjet printers for paper rolls, and the advanced digital technology was previously installed in its packaging facilities in the United Kingdom (UK) and Germany. DS Smith also operates the award-winning Nozomi UV LED inkjet printers in packaging and display production facilities in Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Digital printing technology is designed for agility, automation, and flexibility and this allows DS Smith to respond efficiently to the fast-changing demands of customers across a range of sectors.

DS Smith is committed to a company-wide purpose of Redefining Packaging for a Changing World as a part of its Now and Next sustainability strategy, and to helping its customers move towards a Circular Economy.