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E2open’s Supply Chain Workflows to Power Billions of Connected Mobile Devices

E2open, the one place in the cloud to run your supply chain, today released its quarterly technology updates bringing customers significant enhancements to mobile experience, user experience, and performance. As supply chain and business management continues to rely on anytime, anywhere support to engage with global business, it is essential to have the best mobile supply chain experience. E2open increasingly delivers the best and now offers even more enhancements giving customers the most reliable, informative, always-on access to their supply chain.

Expanded mobile features include Order Management workflows on mobile devices which help planners create orders from suggested replenishments, view and receive orders, and view shipments. These capabilities are key enhancements that empower planners to gather information in real-time and facilitate in-the-moment business decisions. Users can also take advantage of work-offline and sync-later features when remote locations limit network coverage, allowing information and decisions to be seamlessly synchronized once devices come online.

“E2open customers depend on us to help them manage their supply chains and critical business no matter where they are – in the office, in the field or just away from their desks,” said Michael Farlekas, president and chief executive officer of E2open. “Our commitment to our customers is to provide constant improvement and expansion of their E2open experience. Through regular quarterly updates to new home-grown technologies, to smart acquisitions that meet customer needs, E2open is and will continue to be the one place in the cloud to run your supply chain and your business.” 

Additional advances across E2open Intelligent Applications delivered as part of this quarterly update include:


Channel Data Management 

  • Improved screen layout, additional filters and search facilities combined with the ability to create own views and increased control over assigning edit rights leads to more productive, higher quality data processing. This update also provides seamless navigation across other E2open applications, including Partner Performance Incentives.


Demand Sensing 

  • More flexible engine to model complex supply chain and business use cases with improved forecast quality. The new engine flexibilities include DSU/DFU grouping, additions to parameter hierarchy, past due orders by horizon, and similar demand profile for holidays.


Demand Planning 

  • A robust and accurate forecast with an enhanced user experience, Demand Planning now provides more options to set up and configure a scenario run, such as time-phased sourcing location profiles. An estimated scenario run time is provided after users set up a scenario. They can then load and review historical scenario forecast results into Analytics Module for comparison.


Supply Planning and Response 

  • A user-friendly UI-based configuration replaces manual XML configuration. Users can include or exclude the key constraints of lot sizes, target inventory, and firm supply to/from the calculation, ultimately calculating the Latest Feasible Date.


Sales & Operations Planning 

  • Forecast lock allows users to fix a confident forecast, ensuring better demand-supply reconciliation. The lock retains the forecast values irrespective of user adjustments or changes at other aggregate planning levels. Better Transition Planning with the flexibility to perform supersession at the aggregate level of product hierarchy. This allows planners to conveniently phase out Product families or brands with a single or multiple Product families or brands.


Collaborative Manufacturing 

  • Specify hold instructions for proactive corrective actions on the lots with quality problems.
  • Enhanced Workflow Permissibility helps control user/user groups that can view/act on specific workflow instances.
  • Improved yield calculation accounting for move out, scrap and rework conditions on a lot.


Supply Management 

  • Performance enhancements provide up to 10 times improvement in data upload speed for measures such as forecast, commit and inventory and a baseline download speed of up to two times. This allows for improved User Forms and better Exception Workflows.


Data Exchange 

  • Diagrammatic visual message workflow editing via the all-new BPMN standards-based Message Flow editor. Administrators can quickly define cross-application message flows using standard or custom templates.