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Efficient Yard Logistics: Hermes Relies on inconsoYMS

By implementing the yard management system inconsoYMS, the retail and logistics service provider Hermes has optimized its internal transport processes at several locations. Since 2017, the parcel service provider has been relying  on a new software solution for yard management from the logistics specialist inconso at five locations throughout Germany. The benefits: Using a centrally installed platform solution that can easily integrate other locations, the logistics service provider achieves shorter processing times and maximizes the synchronization of transports and parking areas.

Hermes already relies on efficient yard processes with inconsoYMS in five logistics centers: Berlin-Brandenburg, Graben, Mainz and Friedewald as well as the location in Löhne, which specializes in the processing of furniture and large items, have successfully gone live and use standardized logistics processes. Loading points and resources are added site-specifically, depending on the actual situation. Hermes monitors all transport movements in real time. This includes vehicles and containers, but also parking areas and loading points. In addition, there is the structured announcement of transports, the optimized use of relevant modes of transport and the integration of route-optimized transport processing. More flexibility in the coordination of tracked transports, shorter waiting times and simplified processes – these are some of the goals Hermes has set itself after implementing the yard management system.

The central installation creates the necessary connection for the efficient processing of transport movements at Hermes. The option of adding additional locations and logistics centers to the platform without any major configuration being necessary was especially convincing. Most recently, the Hermes logistics center in Friedewald followed in a “big bang” during operation. Others are planned for 2019.