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Elemica Wins Food Logistics Green Supply Chain Award

Elemica, the leading cloud-based Digital Supply Network for the global process industries, has won the Food Logistics Green Supply Chain Award for 2020. This is Elemica’s sixth time to win this prestigious award.

“Regardless of mode, Digital Supply Network and Elemica Eyefreight together deliver an optimal set of order and shipment delivery control that adheres to business rules that maximize food and beverage fulfillment KPIs, while minimizing mileage and fuel usage,” said Cindi Hane, Vice President, Product Management and General Manager, Eyefreight TMS, at Elemica. “Elemica’s digitally connected network of supply chain partners work collaboratively to meet global inbound and outbound delivery needs while keeping mileage as low as possible. This is truly an honor for Elemica to win this award.”

The Elemica Digital Supply Network delivers shipment level control tower visibility for complex, global-wide food and beverage transportation operations. The system uses real-time tracking and exception-based processing across multi-modes of transportation.  This visibility extends to the entire supply chain, validating the shelf-lives of all ingredients, reducing wastes. With Elemica Eyefreight Transportation Management System (TMS), costs are reduced, food safety is improved, and management gains insight into critical costs, transport plan deviations, and emissions.

“Our annual Top Green Providers award recognizes companies whose products, services, or exemplary leadership enhance sustainability within the food and beverage industry. From technology that reduces a fleet’s carbon footprint to software that helps shippers drive energy efficiency, to systems and processes that help reduce the carbon and environmental impact of its customers’ supply chains, these top green providers continue to practice the ultimate in sustainability year over year,” said Marina Mayer, Editor-in-Chief of Food Logistics.

Food Logistics’ annual Top Green Providers Award recognizes companies whose products, services, or exemplary leadership is enhancing sustainability within the food and beverage industry. Each year, the criteria for earning a spot on the list become more stringent for applicants. For example, the editorial staff evaluates a company’s participation in such programs as the EPA’s SmartWay and other recognized sustainability programs. Other criteria include facilities that are LEED-certified, solar power, LED lighting, and other energy-saving installations and retrofits that produce measurable reductions in GHG emissions.