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Fujitsu Harnessing Softil’s BEEHD Technology for ARCONTE Video Conferencing Judicial System

Leading IP Communications enabler Softil today announces that its BEEHD technology has been selected by Fujitsu Spain to build the ARCONTE Trial Recording System. The multilingual, secure, modular and adaptable digital recording system will allow courts to work more quickly, transparently, and cost-efficiently.

The system also ensures compliance with strict mandatory data requirements across Europe, Middle East, India and African (EMEIA) jurisdictions where courts are legally required to record and store legal proceedings.

ARCONTE is already used by three out of four Spanish courts and has processed more than five million court cases to date. The cloud-ready system seamlessly integrates with other judicial applications and can store more than 500,000 hours of video per year.

 “Fujitsu now offers courts across the EMEIA region the finest trial recording system on today’s market,” says Vicente Delás, Director of Justice Solutions at Fujitsu Spain. “Inevitably, our developers turned to the world’s leading IP enabler Softil for its software development kit and support teams to build the Fujitsu ARCONTE system.”

“Softil’s BEEHD technology is enabling many of the world’s IP communications providers to deliver the highest quality end-products across all sectors of human activity and Fujitsu ARCONTE is a perfect example,” adds Pierre Hagendorf, Softil’s CEO.

Fujitsu ARCONTE enables courts to seamlessly and securely record audio-video, and to catalogue, store, share and electronically distribute all the documentation generated during court hearings and trials. This significantly speeds up administrative processes. For minimal disruption and added efficiency, the solution can be easily integrated with other court applications, including case management applications.

As courts move towards paperless, electronic processing, the cloud-ready solution from Fujitsu offers a reliable, powerful audio and video recording platform to replace traditional documentation methods, while offering maximum data security and integrity. Fujitsu ARCONTE uses digital seals and signatures to certify recordings, helping meet compliance requirements.

The new video conferencing solution is a complement of a trial recording application based on windows PC. The application allows video and voice conferencing from the same system used to record the trial and supports H323 and SIP protocols.

It replaces an earlier video conferencing solution from another IP supplier from lack of support. BEEHD was chosen as a replacement and Fujitsu decision has “since been validated and impressed with the quality, time to market, support received and overall experience working with Softil,” adds Vicente Delás.

Softil’s BEEHD technology is a cross-platform framework designed for chipset vendors, device manufacturers, system integrators, application developers and service providers looking to accelerate development of voice and video solutions over IP.