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Gerber Plumbing Fixtures LLC Selects 3Gtms Transportation Management System

3Gtms, Inc., a global provider of Tier 1 transportation management software, announced that Gerber Plumbing Fixtures has chosen its 3G-TM transportation management system (TMS). Gerber Plumbing Fixtures was founded in 1932 by Max Gerber, who built his company on a foundation of strong customer relationships and unrelenting dedication to the professionals he serviced. Nearly 90 years later, Max Gerber’s spirit lives on in Gerber’s commitment to providing dependable products and service to their partners throughout North America, making their day-to-day job easier, more enjoyable, and profitable. Today they continue to build on Gerber’s rich history with their commitment to being a trusted partner to Gerber’s customers and providing products that constantly re-define the possibilities in the industry.

In order to meet the needs of its wholesale distribution customers as well as the end-consumer, Gerber needed a flexible and configurable TMS for the U.S. market that could reveal insights into shipping and process efficiency, enable flexible routing, and uncover cost-saving opportunities for the company and its customers. Previously reliant on spreadsheets and routing guides, Gerber now has a single TMS platform that accomplishes all of this and more. 3G-TM is a broad and deep, intuitive multi-mode TMS that manages and optimizes an organization’s transportation operation.

Since implementation, Gerber has gained improvements in cost-per-mile, cost-per-piece, as well as a drop in the cost of freight as a percentage of sales. In addition, customers have a clearer and more reliable understanding of delivery times. Globe Union has pinpointed new areas of cost savings, such as improving pooling practices in certain geographies.

“Even by our most conservative estimates, we predicted 3Gtms would pay for itself quickly thanks to the flexibility of the system and its ability to automate a lot of the processes we were doing manually, such as multi-stop deliveries,” said RoxAnne Thomas, Transportation Manager at Gerber. “In addition, the ability to account for all considerations in real time when rating is huge. Once live, we saw savings pretty much immediately.”

“With the power of 3G-TM, Gerber has seen impacts throughout their operations. Getting the right TMS in place not only automates process and improves cost savings, but the real test is revealing new areas where an organization didn’t realize there was opportunity. Gerber has made large strides and significantly impacted its customers’ experience,” said Mitch Weseley, CEO of 3Gtms.