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Getronics launches ‘Women in Technology’ to empower women in the ICT industry


As a global player with clients from all over the world, all with different backgrounds, cultures and ideas, Getronics attaches great importance to promoting equal opportunities for all, to reflect the diversity of its customers among its employees.

Therefore, Getronics will be encouraging women, still a minority within the company, to pursue their ambitions and develop their full potential in order to become role models for other young women worldwide who lack the information or references in an ICT world still mainly dominated by men.

“We know that human capital is the core of business success, and that diverse talent is the heart of innovation. Diversity is not just a buzz word. Differing perspectives and unique points of view are a vital force for growth. And, for our employees to truly represent the communities in which they live and work around the world, this means embracing difference,” emphasises Deborah Exell, Global Head of Human Capital and Change at Getronics. “Our culture is founded on respect, integrity and transparency, and we act as we believe. Our diversity is visible. We foster challenges and differences and are looking to ensure that, wherever possible, we break down old barriers and hurdles to success.  Everyone has a voice. We protect what is our harassment-free / bullying-free work environment and discrimination-free workplace; and ensure equal opportunities in hiring, training, promotions, benefits and compensation.”

To do so, the company has already outlined some practical measures, some of which are presently in place and some of which will be launched shortly. They will have an impact on the development of women within the enterprise in the short-, medium- and long-term. Among other activities, Getronics has put together a working group composed of role models within leadership to drive the initiative. Moreover, Regional Round Tables will be organised to get input into strategy and identify talent, develop a coaching program, emphasise women’s successes, participate in external events, engage with universities as well as organisations that value women, and produce a Women in Technology strategy to 2020.

“But we won’t stop there. Women in Technology must be seen as the first step in a broader frame aiming to promote inclusiveness for all genders, ages, ethnicities and beliefs,” explains Caroline Montgomery, Global Head of Engineering & Solutions at Getronics (pictured). “We see diversity as a strength and believe our company can only benefit from the richness that is inevitably connected to it.”