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Google add AI labels

The media landscape becoming more transparent around the use of AI is an extremely positive move. AI has revolutionary potential, however, its ability to create and spread fake images and videos is worrying.

Generative AI has the power to quickly deceive and manipulate public opinion on a large scale, which can ultimately erode trust in the news cycle and falsely sway public perception. There has already been a dramatic increase in deepfake images and videos circulating online.

As artificial intelligence continues to advance, it will become more challenging to distinguish between authentic and artificially generated media. Without some form of label or warning, the public is left to rely on their personal intuition alone and the spread of misinformation becomes easier.

Having labels for AI-generated content allows for the development of an informed media landscape instead of one where everything is seen as ‘fake news’. All online platforms should follow in the steps of Google and implement a label system for AI-generated content. By companies aligning their AI technology with standards and regulations that enforce accountability and responsibility, we can build public trust in the technology.