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GoTo is Fighting Scammers with New AI-powered Scam Detection for GoTo Resolve

GoTo, the company making IT management, support, and business communications easy, today announced the launch of its AI-powered scam detection feature for GoTo Resolve. The feature, included in all tiers of GoTo Resolve, adds another layer of security by analysing support sessions on mobile devices in real time to detect and alert users of any potentially fraudulent activity before sensitive information is shared.

Remote support scams are an increasing risk for consumers, with the amount of fraud committed in the UK more than doubling to £2.3bn in 2023. The scams often involve fraudsters posing as tech support staff and initiating a remote support connection to steal financial or other private information from victims. In many instances, scammers will misuse trusted remote support software from legitimate solution providers to connect to a victim’s device in order to view information on their screen or take direct control of the device.

Using custom trained AI, GoTo Resolve scam detection actively monitors for key behaviours and phrases associated with these incidents. If one of these is detected, the solution takes the power away from scammers by automatically ending the session, alerting the end user, and making it easy to report the suspected fraud with one click. The new feature has already successfully identified thousands of potential scams and cut abuse claims by over 81%. In the coming months, GoTo plans to extend these protections to desktop connections.

“As a pioneer in the remote support industry, it’s our responsibility to help protect businesses that use our technology as well as individuals who may interact with our solutions,” said Olga Lagunova, Chief Product and Technology Officer at GoTo. “We’ve done that with GoTo Resolve, which was built to prioritise secure remote support and management with a first-of-its-kind zero trust architecture. Our new AI-powered scam detection adds another powerful layer of protection, and we’ve already seen tremendous success since the initial rollout. This is just one of the many ways GoTo is dedicated to protecting both IT teams and their end users.”

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