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How ‘human digital twin’ technology improves safety & productivity

A common problem in many warehouse and logistics scenarios is that data collected through scanning, picking and packing scenarios often sits within data silos and is not used effectively. In addition to this, the scanners that are generally used do not effectively share information with employees and help with wellbeing and safety. What if data silos could be consolidated and information used to improve wellbeing and safety, and drive operational efficiency?

Further, to solve this problem, organisations must consider how to develop a stronger view of their workforce on the shop floor, in relation to work being done. Therefore, part of the solution involves encouraging organisations to consider how they can develop what is known as a human digital twin of their workforce; based on gathering and using data from ‘the bottom-up’. This data then becomes a representation of the workforce as people.

It can be used to draw insights on and enable organisations to understand how teams are operating on the shop floor; arming them with accurate insights about which business processes are safe and which workflow improvements can be made to promote worker wellbeing and safety and productivity :

  • Defining the human digital twin in relation to manufacturing and logistics

  • 70% of the added value on the shop floor is created by the hands of human workers (#humandigitaltwin)

  • Common problems that need to be solved: data silos; employee safety; productivity

  • Data that provides insight – and how to collect and interpret that data

  • Connecting dots from systems – ERP, warehouse management, business intelligence


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