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Ibexa partners up with Raptor to launch Ibexa CDP

Ibexa, the B2B Digital Experience Platform (DXP) vendor, has announced that it has agreed with Raptor Services to license its Customer Data Platform (CDP). Both companies are owned by the QNTM Group, and it is a major collaboration between two sister companies. This agreement will expand Ibexa’s offerings and improve the B2B Marketing and Sales process.

Bertrand Maugain, CEO at Ibexa, says: “In B2B, the digital buying process typically involves multiple stakeholders, on average it’s about 11 but can mean as many as 20. Organizations therefore want to ensure that they get a complete view of all customer touchpoints which this CDP will bring. Integrating the CDP aligns with our vision to have the best features in one place, helping simplify B2B digital transformation.”

Consolidated, real-time insights at individual and organizational level, and the ability for example, to personalize offers to, as well as predict churn of, a customer, gives businesses the opportunity to maximize gain and minimize risk.

Jeppe Godske Olsen, Director of Partner Management at Raptor Services, says: “Raptor’s Customer Data Platform consolidates all customer data from multiple sources into a single view which makes it possible to create a truly personalized experience for each customer. You get to know and understand your customers’ behaviors and are able to unify their journey from just one source. Also, we pride ourselves on the way we protect their data, which improves customer trust and applies to current data protection standards.”

Businesses will be able to combine the foundational features of Ibexa’s DXP — content, experience and commerce with the CDP enabling new segmentation and personalization capabilities, at a level that reaches customers who interact with them.

The expected release for the integrated product which will be called Ibexa CDP is end September and will be compatible with Ibexa v.4.2.