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IMS Evolve joins Dell Technologies’ IoT Solutions Partner Program for accessible IoT integration across food retail

IoT Specialist IMS Evolve is working in partnership with Dell Technologies, as part of the Dell Technologies IoT Solution Partner Program, to help accelerate opportunities for independent software vendors and customers within the food retail industry to leverage IoT integration.

The first IoT connected bundle brings together integrated solutions from Dell Technologies and its portfolio of partner companies, including the Dell Edge Gateway for IoT device, VMware’s Pulse IoT management software, and the specially developed Machine Integration Engine from IMS Evolve. The IMS Evolve Machine Integration Engine, powered by Dell Technologies, can connect to any and all assets within the food retail environment to allow customers to add on the middleware, analytics, big data or visualisation tools of choice, and create a bespoke solution for digitising their legacy equipment.

Within the food retail cold chain, for example, the IMS Evolve solution can unlock, collate and manage the data from legacy refrigeration and building management systems to generate huge efficiency gains within existing operations, reduce resource consumption and deliver rapid return on investment. With greater visibility across all aspects of the performance and efficiency of their estate, retailers can mitigate waste, reduce energy usage and ensure a higher quality offering of food produce, which can improve customer experience and increase basket size.

By providing processing capacity at the source with the Dell Edge Gateway, collection and management of data is executed at the edge, in context with other local data if required, and the actionable insight shared with the central resource. This leverages existing infrastructure and investment and provides a platform for scalable expansion of IoT as operations continue to evolve in line with customer demand.

Chris Wolff, Head of Global OEM & IoT Partnerships – Dell Technologies, comments: “At Dell Technologies we are committed to our customer and partners’ digital journey. We are excited to announce the collaboration between Dell EMC and IMS Evolve, and bring the technology behind edge-based IoT implementation directly to our Partners. By taking the core elements developed by Future Maker, IMS Evolve, we are offering a bundle that gives our partners the tools they need to build their own free-standing portfolio of IoT capabilities and enable their retail-customers easy, low-cost access to the data that exists within their environments. This bundle has been proven to deliver tremendous ROI, has been deployed very quickly at scale, and gives our partners the chance to learn from successful implementations to support their clients through the accelerated adoption of technology and processes that deliver transformative value.”

Jason Kay, Chief Commercial Officer, IMS Evolve, adds: “At IMS Evolve, we are committed to providing ever more flexible routes for customers to leverage IoT and take advantage of its many opportunities to transform business operations. Utilising legacy infrastructure is a fundamental part of achieving this, but standardising the presentation of its data can be a challenge for many IoT projects.

“Greater collaboration across the industry, with the Dell Technologies IoT Connected Bundles Program, is therefore an exciting and necessary prospect, which we’re pleased to be a part of. The IMS Evolve Machine Integration Engine presents businesses with the ability to tap into and integrate available data across all components of legacy machines, aligning the elements so that customers can directly address the strategic aims of their individual business.”

For more information on how IMS Evolve is utilising the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series to transform refrigeration management within food production and retail, visit: