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Labeling Solutions for Global Expansion

In today’s global business environment, your company can’t needs to have solutions that easily scale and keep pace with the digital transformation. You might have customers across the world or your suppliers might be located an ocean away. What it boils down to is staying competitive means expanding globally.

In today’s global business environment, your company needs to have solutions that easily scale and keep pace with the digital transformation. You might have customers across the world or your suppliers might be located an ocean away. What it boils down to is staying competitive means expanding globally. However, if you’re looking to manage a complex global supply chain then you need to understand that your labeling solution plays a crucial role in both your company’s overall supply chain efficiency, as well as your plans for global expansion. The good news is that the right Enterprise Labeling Solution will allow you to broaden your horizons on an international scale.

International Regulations
You’re accustomed to dealing with regulations in your home market, even as they continue to evolve. Although, if you want to move beyond your region and seize new opportunities, you’ll need to comply with international regulations.

Many countries have laws regarding what information must be displayed on shipping labels. That content might have to appear in multiple languages and there might have to be special warnings or symbols. Without this information, your shipments may be stopped at the border, keeping you from expanding into new markets.

Enterprise Labeling Solutions solve this challenge with dynamic, data-driven labeling that can easily manage variability in labeling. Your labels can seamlessly be changed to adapt to new and evolving regulations– instead of taking days or weeks, it can take a matter of hours. When you have accurate and consistent labels you can ensure your shipment makes it to its final destination.

Labeling Accuracy & Consistency
Labeling presents another challenge for companies looking to expand their global footprint. Deploying a labeling system centrally offers accuracy and efficiency resulting in corporate standards being met across the enterprise. However, many times business users at facilities including manufacturing plants, contract manufacturer sites, warehouses, and distribution centers look to manage labeling independently. The advantage to this approach is that remote locations can keep up and running even when connectivity to headquarters is disrupted.

Advanced Enterprise Labeling Solutions offer “multi-site” deployment options. This approach provides companies with the opportunity to standardize labeling across their global operations while reaping the benefits of centralized and decentralized deployment models. These new multi-site options allow facilities to manage labeling independently when required, while accessing standard and approved label data and templates from a company’s central location. This empowers facilities to run without depending on a full-time connection to headquarters while ensuring that they comply and stay current with corporate labeling standards. This capability provides companies with centralized control while ensuring continuous labeling operations at the facility level. Label templates and devices are maintained at the central site and transactional data is synchronized based on a schedule for each facility or once connectivity is regained. These multi-site deployments guarantee consistency and efficiency.

Satisfying Customers
No matter where you are in the world, the motto “the customer is always right” applies. Even your shipping labels must satisfy customer requirements, or the customer won’t accept them. Your international customers might have their own rules on languages and label appearance, and you must abide by those rules in order to do business with those customers.

Yet again, Enterprise Labeling Solutions provide an answer. You can automate the label creation process by formulating and applying business rules for labels. Labels for your customers appear exactly to their specifications, every single time.

Expanding your operations on a global scale means overcoming certain challenges. Labeling plays a vital role in the success of global operations. Errors and inconsistencies in labeling can become a time-consuming and costly obstacle; shipments being turned away because they don’t meet regulatory or customer requirements are no laughing matter.

Enterprise Labeling Solutions help you overcome those barriers – it allows you to integrate, automate, and optimize your labeling across a global enterprise. It enables you to reduce errors and create accurate, consistent labels, so you can you can maintain and scale your labeling to keep pace with your business. To learn more, download our free report: Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Labeling for 2018. <