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Magma Digital expands management consultancy arm

Magma Digital, one of the region’s leading software and consultancy firms, is expanding its management consultancy service, under the leadership of Senior Consultant and MD, Priscilla Coates.

Based in Lancashire, the company is most widely known for being a tech specialist and employing some of the country’s top experts in bespoke software development and IT strategy.

Magma Digital however has always offered consultancy services but are now expanding that offer, with an expert team providing organisations with a range of support in team development, technical change, strategy design, service design and transformation programmes.

MD Priscilla Coates said: “We have spent considerable time planning the expansion of the management consultancy side of the business, to ensure it sits hand in hand with our software development services. In essence, our work with clients sees us go into businesses to understand their issues and how we can work co-creatively. By expanding our consultancy, we have chosen to focus particularly on designing strategy and services, managing change, technical consultancy and team development. We are essentially offering a fully rounded consultancy service.”

Carrie Nestor (Director of Operations) added: “Priscilla, MD at Magma is a highly experienced consultant and a qualified change manager. Her background of working in large organisations including the NHS, leading on transformation programmes, has given her a firm foundation of skills and experience that she will be sharing with organisations. Now that Priscilla is back in the business full time having completed her master’s degree in information technology, Management & Organisational Change (ITMOC) at Lancaster University, she will be using that expertise to lead a team at Magma Digital to expand the management consultancy service offer.”

The management consultancy side of the business will initially begin with a team of three people led by Priscilla, with the aim to grow this further over the coming year. Magma our now providing team development days which will use the next generation of psychometrics called ‘Lumina Spark’ and ‘Lumina Emotion’ both of which raise individual’s self-awareness and understanding of others and how they can best work together. The benefits for teams include increased productivity through better working relationships and improved team working where teams are struggling to work well together.

Priscilla Coates said: “I’m really looking forward to growing the consultancy arm of Magma Digital. We’ve got a great team in place and some fantastic tools at our disposal. Magma’s value proposition for businesses and organisations now reaches across software development and technological change as well as strategy and team development.

Magma Digital is an award-winning software and consultancy firm, based in Buckshaw Village. The firm employs some of the country’s top “Zend” qualified PHP software engineers and is recognised in the industry for their expertise in change consultancy and transformation and team development work.

The firm works with clients including the DHL Supply Chain, Canal & Rivers Trust, Datix, Vita Cellular Foams and Recycling Lives.

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