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Manhattan Active® Omni Integrated with Google Merchant Center to Provide Online Shoppers with Precise Delivery Dates

At its annual customer conference, Momentum, Manhattan Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) announced an integration between Manhattan Active Omni and Google’s Merchant Center. The integration leverages Google’s Content API for Shopping to enable Manhattan Active Omni retailers to provide shoppers with more accurate location- and product-specific delivery times across Google surfaces, including Search, YouTube, Maps, Discover, and more.

Shipping speed plays a critical role in buying decisions as many shoppers will choose another retailer if their initial pick has a slower delivery time estimate than they expected. According to a recent Digital Commerce 360 survey, 61% of shoppers are more likely to convert due to fast shipping speeds, and 39% due to guaranteed delivery times. Through this integration, Manhattan is helping its customers meet those expectations and showcase their investments in fulfilment and delivery operations.

Once a retailer links their Manhattan Active Omni and Google Merchant Center accounts, Google’s Machine Learning (ML) models will use the historical shipping data from Manhattan’s industry leading order management system (OMS) to generate location- and product-specific delivery time estimates, which are far more accurate than the conservative delivery time estimates that most retailers publish today. In other words, the goal is for each shopper to see the best delivery time a participating retailer can offer, every time they interact with Google.

Linking Manhattan Active Omni with Google Merchant Center can be done just by contacting your Manhattan representative. Without any additional cost or implementation effort, Manhattan customers can meaningfully improve ecommerce performance and customer experience.

“In today’s hypercompetitive online market, offering fast shipping and precise delivery dates can be an equaliser for retailers competing against players with deeper pockets or for more established brands looking to cut through the online noise,” said Sanjeev Siotia, executive vice president & chief technology officer for Manhattan. “Sharing such decisive, differentiating information across Google is significant in a time where gaining the attention and loyalty of always-on, omnichannel shoppers is becoming increasingly difficult.”

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