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MASKWORLD Masters Peak Season Shipping Volumes Using Descartes pixi* WMS™

Descartes Systems Group (Nasdaq:DSGX) (TSX:DSG), the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, announced that MASKWORLD (Metamorph GmbH), Germany’s leading ecommerce vendor for costumes and disguises, has deployed the Descartes pixi* warehouse management system (WMS) to keep pace with peak season spikes in shipping volumes. The Descartes solution accelerates and streamlines the company’s warehouse and fulfillment processes, driving operational efficiencies while scaling in parallel with order volume fluctuations and expansion strategies.

“Every year prior to Carnival and Halloween, we experience up to a 450% surge in order volumes,” said Roman Matthesius, CEO at MASKWORLD. “The Descartes pixi* WMS easily scales to support these seasonal demands, increasing operational productivity by 200% and generating efficiency savings of nearly £500K per year. With the flexibility and advanced functionality of the Descartes solution, we’ve been able to easily launch additional webstores and transform our business into a multi-brand model that extends our sales season all year round.”

Descartes pixi* WMS enables ecommerce vendors and omnichannel distributors, such as MASKWORLD, to automate warehouse management and fulfillment processes from order receipt to shipment processing and returns. The cloud-based solution exchanges information seamlessly with enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial systems and carrier platforms to help control the entire supply chain with minimal manual intervention. These capabilities help companies grow ecommerce revenue and better serve customers by reducing processing and shipping errors, handling volume fluctuations, and streamlining returns.

“We’re pleased to help MASKWORLD grow and keep pace with dynamic ecommerce market requirements while optimally managing extreme demand peaks,” said Dirk Haschke, Vice President Sales DACH & Ecommerce at Descartes. “As ecommerce supply chains become more complex, Descartes offers organizations comprehensive solutions to enhance ecommerce fulfillment performance and support domestic and international growth.”