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New Director of Product & Engineering to Lead Global Shop Solutions Into the Future

Success in the highly-competitive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software market requires continual development of new tools and technology advancements that simplify manufacturing. Global Shop Solutions, a leader in ERP software for manufacturers around the globe, is proud to announce the promotion of Trent Maynard to Director of Product & Engineering.

“Our primary focus at Global Shop Solutions has always been to simplify manufacturing for our customers,” says Dusty Alexander, President & CEO. “From Trent’s first day with us, he demonstrated a relentless attitude for finding new product advancements and technology to make our customers’ lives easier. That’s exactly the kind of person I want leading our product into the future.”

Maynard began his career in the manufacturing industry working for a company that was a customer of Global Shop Solutions ERP software. Shortly thereafter, he accepted a position at Global Shop Solutions providing software implementation and training for new and existing customers. He then transitioned to an operations and technical consultant and business analyst, where he designed and created tailored solutions for existing and potential customer challenges.

Prior to this promotion, Maynard served as an R&D Manager and created some of Global Shop Solutions most impactful product advancements in terms of meeting customer needs and positioning the company for new growth.
“My focus has been three-fold,” says Maynard. “Number one: hired and retained a team with some of our smartest people to position our ERP product as a technical leader in the industry. Number two: organized our base code to make our product run tighter, faster, and more efficiently, while also enabling customers to implement customizations without having to change the underlying code. Number three: simplified the process for customers to upgrade to new versions.”


Serving Internal and External Customers

As Director of Product & Engineering, Maynard wants to make sure Global Shop Solutions creates an ERP product their customers love to use because it helps them do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. He also wants to attract new customers by offering a better product than they’re currently using.

“Ultimately, it’s all about making sure our product ticks all the boxes for our customers,” says Maynard. “Often they don’t know what is possible, so we have to listen and understand what they’re trying to accomplish and then figure out how the software can solve their pain points. We also want to build a product that appeals to our employees, that our engineers can enjoy working on and be proud of and that attracts top talent to Global Shop Solutions.”


Full Speed Ahead to the Future

One shift popular for ERP software is the ability to integrate with outside software and technologies. Maynard’s responsibilities will include implementing artificial intelligence (AI) testing tools and best practices and modernizing Global Shop Solutions’ software interfaces and tech stack.
“How we build our tech stack has significant implications for what happens downstream with our customers, and I can’t think of a better person to lead the way than Trent,” says Alexander.

Mike Melzer, VP of Operations & Service at Global Shop Solutions, agrees.

“It’s rare to find someone so talented in the technical field who also has extensive shop experience,” he says. “The one thing we’ve been really good about doing as a company is listening when our customers give us ideas on where we can get better. Trent is open to listening and then guiding the ship where we need to go. I trust his knowledge and experience, and his background gives us a huge advantage in our marketplace as our company continues to move forward.”