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New eBook: Artwork Management for Dummies

Packaging artwork is a critical component in the consumer decision making process. On the one hand, customers expect the packaging to communicate and promote products while delivering high quality. On the other hand, businesses are required to meet these rising expectations while adhering to several regulations. And, there are many different aspects that make up packaging artwork: content from multiple sources; photos, logos or other images; ingredient lists, warnings and pack copy text; and physical specifications such as die-line details. Due to the nature and complexity of each packaging job, there is no question as to why companies are struggling with their current processes.

Fortunately, Loftware has introduced a new eBook to help eliminate the challenges you may be having with your artwork processes. Use the eBook, “Artwork Management for Dummies”, as a guide to effectively and efficiently manage your packaging artwork throughout the product life cycle.

Download Artwork Management for Dummies and learn how to:

  • Eliminate unreliable manual processes
  • Avoid endless revision cycles
  • Take control of digital assets
  • Proof high-resolution artwork real-time
  • Ensure compliance with regulations
  • Reduce time to market


Discover why companies are turning toward Loftware’s configurable, automated Artwork Management Solution to speed their time to market, reduce errors, minimize risk, and relieve headaches. Take the first step towards streamlining your packaging artwork process by downloading a copy of “Artwork Management for Dummies.”