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ProGlove Unveils Glove Scanner with Display

ProGlove, a specialist for industry wearables, today launches its latest initiative for a smarter workforce. To that end ProGlove will be demonstrating its latest set of products at IntraLogisteX 2020, in Coventry, England, at stand 342 from the 31st March to the 1st April 2020. 

MARK Display brings essential information right where front line workers in the supply chain need it most: the back of the hand. MARK Display untethers workers from paper, hand-held devices and static work-stations while keeping crucial information with them at all times. The ample display on ProGlove’s matchbox-sized multifunctional scanner makes it easy and effortless for employees to obtain important information needed to complete their assignments quickly and with fewer errors. The newest member of the MARK family of wearable scanners is optimised for businesses building future-proof supply chain processes and creating a well equipped workforce. Along with the high contrast, non-reflective display, MARK Display’s acoustic and haptic feedback guides workers through their processes saving up to 6 seconds per scan and reducing error rates by up to 33%. MARK Display is IT friendly, BLE-enabled and cloud-connected allowing customers to see immediate results across business supply chain. MARK Display is available now for early preview. 

All devices within the MARK product family can be easily connected to the new ProGlove Cloud. The ProGlove Cloud is a human centred industrial process analytics solution that ProGlove will also be demonstrating at IntraLogisteX. The ProGlove Cloud enables real-time operational data to be put into context, and actionable insights to be pushed to MARK Display, worn by each employee. This can be utilised to identify bottlenecks, help reallocate workers when unforeseen peaks occur or deliver safety instructions to increase workers’ safety.  

Finally, ProGlove will be displaying the Connect Data Wedge which comes with a Software Development Kit (SDK). It allows easy pairing with Android-based mobile devices and supports simple and flexible integration into enterprise systems 

“With the increasing spread of digitisation and the Internet of Things, organisations are becoming increasingly connected. Many of our customers are currently investing in intelligent technologies, processes and workflows to capture enormous amounts of process- and site-related data,” comments Andreas König, CEO of ProGlove. “However, this has often been hindered by endless integration loops and the sheer effort that comes with it. With our new product initiative, we want to address this and thus drive the topic of warehouse intelligence.”