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Rail Summit 2023: PTV to host international industry meeting in Frankfurt

PTV Group – part of the brand Umovity – is set to host a Rail Summit on October 10th and 11th in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The dedicated international industry gathering will bring together influential decision-makers, planners, and industry professionals from across Europe, fostering collaboration to bolster cross-border railway systems and advance sustainable mobility.

Rail transport stands as a cornerstone for achieving the European Union’s Green Deal objectives, striving to make mobility sustainable and reduce transport-related greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90 percent by 2050. The event’s first day will place a spotlight on enhancing cooperation within the European rail sector to achieve these vital goals. In his keynote, Dr Marco Kampp, Director international long-distance passenger transport at Deutsche Bahn (DB), will introduce the groundbreaking “Metropolitan Network” study: A European high-speed rail network interlinking the EU’s metropolitan regions, aligned with the ambitious objectives of the Green Deal aiming to triple high-speed rail traffic by 2050. PTV Group developed a sophisticated model on behalf of DB, which effectively simulates the expansion of rail traffic and tracks the modal shift within this extensive network.

The second day of the PTV Rail Summit will concentrate on knowledge exchange and operational solutions in the rail industry. Esteemed international experts, including representatives from RENFE, UK Rail Network, and Hardt Hyperloop, will present concrete approaches and strategies for future-focused infrastructure and progressive rail operations.

“Rail transportation plays a crucial role in shaping sustainable mobility of the future, encompassing both passenger and freight services. Rail operators across Europe leverage our software solutions to enhance their services and evolve their infrastructures,” said Christian U. Haas, CEO of PTV Group. “Through the inception of this Rail Summit, we aim to cultivate synergies that further strengthen Europe’s rail systems and collaboratively devise strategies for realizing the Green Deal.”

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