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Simply Lunch Rolls-Out Logistics Planning and ePOD Software

Simply Lunch, a producer of ‘food-to-go’, is using Podfather logistics software to support its sustainable business strategy.  The family run business produces around 25 million products a year and makes more than 175,000 deliveries to organisations ranging from independent coffee shops to multi-national catering companies, from its headquarters in South London and its satellite depot in Birmingham.

Realising the impact of this operation on the environment, Simply Lunch uses Podfather’s fleet planning, route optimisation and electronic proof of delivery software to eliminate paperwork through digitisation, minimise mileage and boost customer service.

“There are three things that make Simply Lunch simply special,” commented Martyna Onysk, Business Projects Manager at Simply Lunch. “Delicious food, sustainability and digitisation – we are positively crazy about all three!

“Whilst Podfather can’t help us create delicious lunch options it can ensure that these arrive where they are meant to be, on time and with the best customer service available. Podfather also means we can achieve this with minimal environmental impact. In fact, in the first year of using Podfather we estimate we have saved 36 trees.”

Simply Lunch has been creating and delivering sandwiches and other lunch options for more than 40 years. In the last year alone, it has seen a 20 percent increase in the number of products produced and, with improved production facilities in the pipeline, and a planned investment in new electric vehicles to boost its delivery fleet, the company is predicting a further 100 percent growth over the next 4-5 years. Supporting its purpose of ‘improving lives through delicious food’, Simply Lunch is committed to driving change in the food industry.

Using Podfather, Simply Lunch is managing the environmental impact of this expansion in support of its sustainable objectives, without compromising on customer service. Daily deliveries are scheduled and optimised routes planned taking into account customer location and delivery windows. This information is automatically sent to the drivers’ mobile device where it can be accessed, using the Podfather app, to provide navigation details and any specific delivery instructions.

The Podfather App also gives the Simply Lunch customer service team total visibility of the delivery operation as it unfolds. This means the customer can be kept informed of any delays or changes to the schedule without the need for multiple calls between the transport office, drivers and support staff.

One of the most significant impacts of Podfather, has been the elimination of paper from the delivery process. Electronic proof of delivery features mean drivers can quickly, and easily capture and share, in real-time, detailed evidence of deliveries made including date, time and location stamped photographs, signatures, and exception reports. When delivering to multi-site operations such as hospitals or non-permanent structures such as events this can be critical for the customer and the product.

At the start and end of every delivery shift, drivers are guided through a series of automated vehicle checks to ensure Simply Lunch’s 50 plus fleet is roadworthy, well maintained and ready to receive and transport its valuable cargo. This also allows for timely intervention in the case of damage or defects further supporting the company’s sustainability ambitions.

“It’s all very well to say that we hit 99 percent of our service level agreements,” added Olly Smith, Head of Logistics at Simply Lunch. “For us that isn’t enough. Using Podfather we continually strive to address that final 1 percent.

“Not only does Podfather give us the tools and functionality for continuous improvement, the performance dashboard features let me access information, analyse results and ultimately refine processes to achieve that 1%. The system also means that I can easily create customisable reports to share with the management team and other interested parties.”