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Talma Airport Services cuts time to scan luggage by 45% using ProGlove’s leading wearable technology

The wearable tech pioneer, ProGlove has improved efficiency and safety at a leading airport services operation with its MARK 2 wearable scanners. The implementation at Talma Airport Services in Ecuador has cut the time taken to scan luggage by 44% while also improving baggage handling workflows and reducing operational errors.

Operating in 47 airports across Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico, Talma serves more than 280,000 flights annually and handles over 300,000 metric tons of air cargo. It is known for its commitment to safety, quality, and efficiency, but faced challenges with outdated scanning equipment in the labour-intensive area of luggage handling.

Talma Ecuador was looking for a solution to improve the time-consuming task of scanning each bag tag.

Edgar Uguna M., Planning Assistant at Talma Ecuador, explained: “We had already moved from paper to a cellphone-based solution, but the cellphone solution was relatively slow and cumbersome. We were looking for greater efficiency and improved ergonomics to allow us to streamline our processes, be competitive in the market, and be efficient for our customers.”

ProGlove’s MARK 2 wearable scanner met all requirements. It not only improved on the time taken to physically scan the luggage as it was faster than the previous solution but also offered improved ergonomics. By allowing handlers to wear the scanner on their hands they can handle luggage and scan simultaneously without the need to juggle a handheld device. This has not only improved the speed of operations but also significantly reduced strain and fatigue among workers.

Edgar Uguna M., Planning Assistant at Talma Ecuador, continued: “The adoption of ProGlove’s wearable scanners has modernised our process. Previously, the reading of 100 suitcases took a minimum of 180 seconds. With ProGlove, we can now read 100 suitcases in only 100 seconds, and it also helps us reduce errors through its built-in haptics. But not only this, it’s a solution that frees up our hands and makes it easier to handle the luggage as we work.”

In 2023, ProGlove handled around 10,000 flights and scanned 1.2 million pieces of luggage. It reduced time and errors in the stowage and loading processes, without adding an undue burden on the IT team at Talma.

Edgar Uguna M. continued: “In a world where airlines need fast, efficient, accurate baggage check-in, ProGlove’s solution really stands out.”

Stefan Lampa, CEO of ProGlove, concluded: “At ProGlove, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to fundamentally transform workplace dynamics. The remarkable time savings and enhanced safety metrics achieved by Talma through our MARK 2 scanners exemplify our commitment to not only improving efficiency but also elevating the human aspect of operations. This approach is crucial in industries where every second impacts the broader operational success.

“Our partnership with Talma reinforces how innovative solutions lead to substantial improvements in service standards and operational health, setting new benchmarks for the industry.”

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