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The Mayo Hotel Continues to Invest in the Guest Experience with Infor Hospitality

Infor®, the industry cloud company, today announced its successful partnership with The Mayo Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Specifically, cloud-based Infor HMS and Infor SCS Sales and Event Management solutions were selected to help the property adapt to meet today’s and tomorrow’s hospitality challenges and support the brand as it grows. By partnering with Infor, The Mayo Hotel, an iconic historic hotel located in the heart of Downtown Tulsa featuring 102 rooms, will have access to modern technology tools to help deliver a great guest experience every time.

“We’re approaching our 100-year anniversary, and while we’ve made it a point to always keep the charm from when we first opened, we take a different approach with our business processes by adopting modern, forward-looking technology. As our guests’ tastes and needs evolve, so do we. Technology is at the forefront of the way we live today, so we’ve invested in new solutions and systems that will directly impact day-to-day tasks for employees and the overall guest experience,” said Macy Snyder-Amatucci, owner of The Mayo Hotel. “Partnering with Infor has been seamless. It was clear from our initially training that we would be able to reduce onboarding burden and costs, increase revenue across the property and, ultimately, improve guest satisfaction by reducing administrative burdens from our teams and allowing them to focus on more value-add tasks.”

Infor HMS hospitality management system will allow teams at The Mayo Hotel to manage everything from the front office and reservations to accounting and sales within a single application. This will create a unified view of business performance, so managers have greater visibility into how their decisions impact other departments, and vice versa. With a centralized, unified look at guest and business performance, The Mayo Hotel can track guest preferences, simplify reservations, book itineraries and provide guests with consistent quality and services. In addition, modules for event management provide complete financial reporting, revenue forecasting and performance analysis, food and beverage costing, labor scheduling, and full customer relationship management (CRM) and custom correspondence capability.

“Infor understands the complexity of the hospitality industry and the importance not only of managing guest expectations and satisfaction but also the importance of events and catering to the overall business,” said Joe Vargas, Infor Hospitality senior vice president and general manager. “Infor is deep in hospitality and our solutions have the capability to cover all aspects of the business — from sales to operations. Thousands of hospitality customers across the globe leverage Infor’s powerful cloud solutions to strengthen communication throughout different teams and departments to optimize guest and patron experiences for the future. We are excited to partner with an innovation brand like The Mayo Hotel on its digital journey.”

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