Transport Management

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The NX Group, a provider of secure supply chain solutions for the high-tech, beauty, and food and beverage sectors, has adopted Paragon’s routing and scheduling software to streamline transport planning and meet diverse customer requirements. The logistics specialist is using the Paragon solution to manage an expanding fleet of vans and HGVs that handles delicate collections and timed deliveries within its nationwide distribution operation.

“The Paragon routing and scheduling software is already helping us better utilise our transport resources and drivers to improve fleet efficiency, reduce empty running and provide a service customers can depend upon,” explains Peter Connolly, IT and Project Manager at The NX Group. “We are now able to automatically factor in the large number of individual customer requirements and vehicle restrictions we face each day. This means we can ensure the right vehicle is used at the right time to maximise delivery success.”

The Paragon routing and scheduling software replaces a previous manual system, planning over 200 next-day deliveries and collections from The NX Group’s central distribution facility at Crick in Northamptonshire. The company has added street level mapping and average road speed data to achieve even higher levels of accuracy, especially when operating in dense urban areas. The software has also been integrated with The NX Group’s transport management system (TMS) to simplify internal processes and better connect the planning and transport offices.

“Our aim moving forward is to use the Paragon software to identify areas of improvement within the distribution operation by analysing historical plans and creating what-if scenarios. We are already targeting a reduction in waiting times by staggering driver shifts based on exact customer transport needs. This means we are not only achieving enhanced service levels, but also making better use of available driver hours,” adds Connolly.

William Salter, Managing Director of Paragon Software Systems commented: “Logistics operations are seeing continued demand for better customer service with more accurate arrival times. By automating the transport planning process using our advanced routing and scheduling software, specialist distributors such as The NX Group can provide a quality experience, while minimising the impact of cost pressures caused by rising overheads and driver shortages.”