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UK at risk of falling behind on AI regulation

MPs are right to raise concerns about the UK falling behind on AI regulation. Whilst Sunak’s commitment to making the “home of global AI safety regulation” earlier this year was positive, if the government does not act soon then the moment will have passed.

The AI race is not set to slow down any time soon, and the need for clear, and most importantly consistent, regulatory guidance has never been more urgent. The UK – with its long heritage of technological expertise – is uniquely positioned to move faster and be more forward-thinking when it comes to AI regulation.

But, before the UK can think about leading the global conversation, it must first establish its own regulatory position – one that is forward-thinking and acknowledges AI as the strategic technology of the future. November’s Summit provides the perfect opportunity to do so. However, with many key details still to be revealed, we might still be a long way away Sunak’s dreams of AI leadership.