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Webfleet marks its 25th year anniversary as a leading fleet management solution

Webfleet, Bridgestone’s globally trusted fleet management solution, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The company commemorated the occasion with festivities at its Amsterdam-based headquarters.

“Telematics has revolutionised the transport industry, evolving from simple vehicle tracking to comprehensive fleet and data management solutions,” said Jan-Maarten de Vries, President Fleet Management Solutions at Bridgestone Mobility Solutions.

“Today’s vehicle generates much more data, from trailers to tyres. The increasing connection of these different data sources through holistic fleet management solutions enables fleet companies to continuously develop and optimise their operations.”

Integration and seamless data sharing is becoming essential for fleet businesses, as new use cases come from diverse providers and customer needs are ever more complex. Artificial Intelligence will raise the bar even further, opening up greater opportunities to enhance fleet management solutions – from optimising route planning and predictive maintenance to road and driver safety.

“Telematics will continue to provide ROI as fleets address new challenges,” said De Vries. “Especially AI enabled solutions and electric vehicles will have a huge impact on fleet management in the future.

“For us it’s clear, that partnerships and collaboration will be essential in unlocking new possibilities and delivering new services and business models to provide added value to our customers in these fast-moving times”.

Webfleet has been a pioneer in the fleet management industry since its market launch in Germany in 1999, playing a key role in shaping the development of fleet management technologies over the past decades. Today, Webfleet is one of the worldwide leading fleet management solutions with more than 60,000 customers, servicing drivers in 180 countries.


Webfleet History at a Glance

1999: Webfleet, one of the world’s first SaaS fleet management solutions, hits the market

  • DataFactory AG, a startup founded in Leipzig, Germany in 1994, launches Webfleet 1.0 – the first centralised fleet management solution and visual user interface. As fleets can access this cutting-edge technology without local installation, this software-as-a-service solution offers a level of scalability never possible before. Fleet businesses quickly understand the power that this dynamic new solution puts at their fingertips.

2001: Fleet managers and drivers get closer

  • Webfleet, Blaunpunkt and Siemens join forces to launch one of the first connected navigation systems that integrates tracking with two-way driver communication. Fleet managers and drivers can now work closer together, for a more effective, dynamic and fast collaboration.

2005: Leading the first wave of track and trace

  • TomTom acquires DataFactory, combining the Webfleet fleet management solution with TomTom and LINK devices. With connected navigation and order management, fleet businesses get a massive range of new insights to make smart decisions, faster.

2006: Europe’s number one

  • Webfleet grows rapidly through international expansions, acquisitions and partnerships. With the launch of TomTom WORK, Webfleet becomes Europe’s leading fleet management solution.

2010 onwards: Continuous innovation and growth

  • Drivers get connected with The PRO 7100 and 9100 Driver Terminals that offer improved route guidance and speedier route calculation to save time spent on the road. From a sleek, user-friendly interface, drivers get access to a selection of features and tools that help them get the job done safer and better. Vehicle data is used for fuel optimisation, eco-driving and driver coaching. Webfleet launches Optidrive, a complete approach to help drivers continuously improve performance for safer journeys, lower fuel consumption and more sustainable fleets.

2019: Webfleet becomes part of Bridgestone

  • Webfleet takes the next big step in its journey. Alongside Bridgestone’s tyres, advanced tyre solutions and retail network, Webfleet is now a key component of an end-to-end fleet proposition.

2020: The EV journey begins

  • As more and more businesses wake up to the benefits of electric vehicles, Webfleet commits to supporting them on their journey. Webfleet’s EV fleet management solution enables users to spot which vehicle in their fleet could be switched with an electric model, monitor their ICE vehicles alongside their EVs and craft an efficient charging strategy that optimises ROI.

2024 and Beyond: Mobility solutions for the future

  • Webfleet is committed to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to address the challenges of fleet operators, integrating tyre sensors, dashcams, AI, and IoT to drive efficiency, safety, and sustainability in the fleet industry now and in the future.