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6point6 Cloud Gateway ‘a rising star’ among technology companies for its prioritisation of service management

UK-based PaaS start-up 6point6 Cloud Gateway has been highlighted as a rising star in its approach to service management in the second edition of VeriSM’s Book, VeriSM: Unwrapped and Applied.

6point6 Cloud Gateway, which has adopted the VeriSM approach and integrated the VeriSM management mesh within the organisation, is a key case study in the new edition of VeriSM’s best-practice guide to service management.

In just six months, Cloud Gateway’s focus on service has resulted in:

– the recruitment of new support staff and training them to ITIL Foundation level

– the deployment of ServiceNow as its Service Management tool

– the recruitment of a trained ServiceNow administrator

– key staff being coached through the VeriSM Plus exam

– agreement of new SLAs with public sector and corporate customers

– adoption and integration of VeriSM process and principles

Claire Agutter, Chief Architect of VeriSM, commented: “The VeriSM author team and associated research recognised that emerging technologies are a critical element of successful digital transformation. Cloud Gateway is a successful digital organisation because it combines technical capabilities with a focus on service management – this combination is now essential. We were delighted to work with Cloud Gateway and share their story in the VeriSM publication, and look forward to seeing them continue to grow.”

Justin Day, 6point6 Cloud Gateway co-founder and CEO, said: “It’s imperative that technology solutions providers understand that they don’t sell just technology solutions, they actually sell a Service Level Agreement.  To do that, you must be focused on service; and to do that well, you need a really good, rigorous service management framework.  We know that not enough companies are committed to this, so adoption of VeriSM and our commitment to service excellence are vital differentiators for us.”

Steve Leach, 6point6 Cloud Gateway’s Head of Service Management who has spearheaded the adoption of VeriSM internally and has talked internationally on the subject, will be co-presenting with Claire Agutter at the itSMF UK conference in London on November 19th, describing the company’s VeriSM journey as a Cloud start-up.