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After Denmark’s closed shipping strait, organisations must prepare for the next defence-related disruption

The closure of Denmark’s major shipping lane, a key transport route in the Baltic Sea, represents yet another unpredictable disruption to supply chains. With defence activity on the rise, and rising geopolitical tension across the globe, sudden disruptions of this kind will only continue in the coming years.

Organisations must be thinking about the next disruption, and ensure their supply chains have the visibility, flexibility, and agility to adjust quickly. This means empowering procurement teams with the right technology to improve transparency and collaboration between businesses and suppliers, providing a 360-degree view of supply chain risk, activity, and opportunities.

With this comprehensive view of supplier activity, organisations can understand their exposure to varying shocks and effectively diversify their supply base. When shocks occur, they can then effectively coordinate with suppliers or, if necessary, shift to alternate suppliers to weather the storm ahead.”

“Organisations can also stay on top of supply chain disruption by taking advantage of innovations in procurement analytics. AI-driven analytics can help organisations to improve insights and analysis, so they can optimise the speed and quality of decision making.