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All aboard for TruTac’s new Fleet Management Solutions at Euro Bus Expo

TruTac, the transport software specialists and CPT commercial partners, presented 5 new features at this year’s Euro Bus Show. All new and existing software tools were well received by PSV operators from all areas of the industry and the company had a hugely successful show.

Designed in close cooperation with the CPT, each high-performance compliance module is tailored specifically for PSV operator needs to deliver improved efficiency, reduced costs and dynamic data control. These included: –

WALKME: intuitive online help to assist with navigating systems and to maximise user experience, including Walk-Thrus and TeachMe guides to provide dynamic step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions.

TRULINKS: the market-proven high-level API management service for smooth data integration between TruTac’s products and any other system, where data share provides multiple management benefits.

DIVISIONS: division management feature to simplify larger fleet management and reporting. Fast and accurate regional reporting with sub-levels for dynamic KPI monitoring and control.

MISSING MILEAGE ALLOCATION: simplifying ‘missing mileage’ management with easy allocation and explanation for management control and auditing reports.

EARNED RECOGNITION: ‘fully interactive’ ER reporting with drill-down and intuitive graphical data. Operators can view their own performance against Earned Recognition key performance indicators.

Terry Ramsey, Managing Director for TruTac is upbeat regarding the successful introduction of the new software and the show as a whole;

“We were delighted with the reaction to these innovative management tools and very pleased so see so many faces -old and new – during the show.”

For further information about TruTac’s new fleet management software or any other aspect of PSV and HGV compliance control, please contact:

Jemma James, Commercial Director