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BigChange Begins AI Developments with Productivity-Boosting Email Generator

BigChange has developed a handy tool using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically draft emails. The ‘Draft My Email’ feature transforms brief notes into consistently accurate, professional emails. It is designed to be flexible, understanding the nuances of tone, length, and context and each draft can be easily customised.

Draft My Email prepares a message for review which can then be copied and tweaked before being sent. Using AI helps to ensure emails always correct and convey the right message in the right tone.  The main benefit of the email generator is improved productivity by greatly reducing the time it takes to compose emails, especially when responding to common enquiries.

“Draft My Email is an AI-powered assistant that generates messages and is expected to transform how people manage their emails,” says Jonathan Isaacs, Product Marketing Manager at BigChange. “We see it a big time-saver especially for users who have to respond to frequent incoming emails. It ensures responses are well crafted, consistent and free of errors.”

Draft My Email is just the beginning of what we envision for BigChange AI, and we’re thrilled to be leading the charge towards a more efficient, connected future.”

BigChange provides customer relationship management (CRM), job scheduling, live tracking, field resource management, job finance, business intelligence in one simple to use and easy to integrate system. BigChange eliminates inefficient paper-based processes and as a complete end-to-end solution, it typically replaces multiple systems.