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Contactless proof of delivery – free web app launched by Scandit

As concerns about COVID-19 continue to grow, people don’t want to touch a device from delivery drivers to sign and confirm a delivery or pickup. The huge shift to online orders with home delivery or pick-up in stores, has made this an urgent problem for retailers and delivery companies striving to safeguard customers and employees.

Scandit has used its mobile computer vision and barcode scanning technology to create a Contactless Proof of Delivery web app that is quick for retailers and delivery companies to implement (video website) and has made it available free for six months until September 30th.

Customers can use their own smartphone to scan a QR code which opens the web app, then simply scan the barcode on the package and sign on their device to confirm a delivery or pickup. The process is easy, with no need to download anything or log into an account. Scandit has developed the app and decided to offer it for free during the COVID crisis after getting requests from existing logistics customers.

Samuel Mueller, CEO of Scandit, had the following to say :

“When we heard from customers about this problem, we quickly created the web app,” said Samuel Mueller, CEO of Scandit. “In an effort to make it widely available as soon as possible, we’re offering it free for six months to any company that can benefit from it.”

Dastan Namousi, Demand & eService Manager at DB Schenker Nordics, added the following :

“Due to the Corona pandemic, we needed a way to ensure the safety of our drivers and consignees who were not comfortable with signing for shipments on our handheld devices. We needed a fast and simple solution for customers to sign for shipments on their own mobile devices. Scandit already provides barcode scanning software for one of our terminal sorting applications and we realized that the same solution could be used for this new signing application.” .