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Cycle Logistics Increases Revenue By 20% Following Softeon WMS Implementation

Cycle Logistics (Cycle), a third-party logistics (3PL) provider specializing in B2B distribution, fulfillment, and bundling services, chose Softeon as its warehouse management system (WMS) partner to service a new huge client. This partnership allows Cycle Logistics to manage large volumes of inventory and data with end-to-end visibility for a global client in leading internet search and technology solutions.

Established in 1991 and headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, Cycle Logistics provides high-level warehousing and transportation services. Before reaching out to Softeon, Cycle Logistics relied on a manual process to track inventory and data, making it a cumbersome process prone to errors. This was a problem because just before the COVID-19 pandemic Cycle Logistics’ new client needed visibility into every lane, with the ability to track every product from manufacturing to the end user. Additionally, the new Cycle client needed a streamlined data capture and reporting process, including serial number development for bundled products, resulting in inventory data transfer back to the client.

Softeon’s robust WMS upgraded Cycle’s manual, labor-intensive processes to more structured, dependable, and automated ones.

“As a business owner, it’s extremely important to me that Softeon took the time to understand Cycle Logistics’ internal limitations. Softeon has helped us become more sophisticated in our processes,” said Danny Mudd, Owner and President of Cycle Logistics. “Softeon was – and is – a true partner, constantly providing high levels of service to our team. Because of their dedicated team, our team can provide top notch service to our customers.”

Due to the high level of service Softeon’s WMS and staff provides, Cycle Logistics anticipates expanding implementation of Softeon’s WMS for additional warehouses.

“After the pandemic, most companies had a problem with an overstock of inventory, whereas we were able to provide our client – the largest global internet search and technology company – with a solution to manage that inventory correctly. That opportunity would not have been there if Softeon was not with us,” said Mudd. We would not have been able to provide our global client with a successful warehousing solution without Softeon. The bottom line is, if we don’t have Softeon, we don’t grow.”

After three years, Cycle Logistics continues to rely on Softeon for its WMS needs, confident in the partnership’s ability to support ongoing growth and meet evolving client demands. By leveraging Softeon’s WMS, Cycle is positioned for continued success in the competitive fulfillment and bundling services landscape.

“Our customers are the reason for everything we do, so satisfaction accomplished for Cycle Logistics is a direct result of Softeon’s commitment to prioritizing limitless customer-centric solutions that enable businesses in the 3PL, life sciences, and food and beverage verticals to scale and pivot as their needs – and the needs of their customers – become more complex,” said Jim Hoefflin, CEO of Softeon. “Softeon is honored to provide limitless warehouse management solutions and around-the-clock customer support for Cycle Logistics and other 3PLs.”

Softeon remains committed to helping companies worldwide scale successfully using forward-looking software solutions. Read the complete case study on the Softeon website. For additional information, please visit www.softeon.com.