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DataArt’s KidPRO among Top Three at M&K Awards 2019 in the IT & Communication Category

DataArt, the global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, today announced that the KidPRO Proof of Concept, developed by DataArt’s R&D Center, won third place in the IT & Communication category at M&K Awards 2019.

KidPRO is a complete patient engagement solution prototype for pediatric patients that consists of two interconnected applications, one for the child, one for the parents, customizable for any clinical state. 

The children’s application is gamified by an animated interactive squirrel that leads the child through the daily schedule, suggests personalized educational content and rewards for compliance. The application captures digital readings, gathers daily statistics about the child’s condition and reports it to the parental application.

The parental app guides parents throughout the treatment process and monitors the child’s condition and progress through a history of vital indicators. This provides educational content and recommendations for the child’s daily routine, diet and activity. It also reminds the parents of the time for the child to take medication and scheduled doctor visits, helping to reduce the number of risk factors.

“Treatment adherence is an important issue in healthcare, and there is a fundamental need to have a product that will help solve the challenges for the youngest patients,” said Ivan Pantykin, 

Delivery Manager at Healthcare and Life Sciences of DataArt.

“DataArt aimed to create an animated companion for children, maximizing their medication adherence and transforming it into a fun and rewarding process.”