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Doosan launches advanced 3-wheel electric B15R-7 Series

Doosan, the leading manufacturer of robust high-performance forklift trucks, has launched a versatile new range of three-wheel electric counterbalance forklift trucks, the B15R-7 Series, offering smooth and responsive acceleration for enhanced productivity, increased visibility for precision manoeuvring, and an extensive range of safety features as standard.

With three new models covering a capacity range from 1.25 – 1.6 tonne, the compact and versatile B15R-7 Series is particularly well suited to the flexible needs of the small business – and being battery powered, offers the clean handling performance demanded by the Food & Drinks sector.


Robust Performance

As a tough all-rounder, durability for outside duty is assured with a rugged rear-drive axle, IP65 rated Curtis controller and IP20 PAL brushless AC motors – offering maximum resilience to water and dust. Also included as standard is Doosan’s industry leading sealed, oil-cooled disc brake system, which is virtually maintenance free and lasts up to five times longer when compared to conventional shoe brakes. The sealed units protect against outside elements such as dirt, water and grit, ensuring top-rate braking performance for enhanced safety and increased productivity.


Enhanced Productivity

With a tight turning circle, smooth and responsive acceleration, and a conveniently placed direction switch on the hydraulic control lever for switching direction of travel quickly and easily, the all-round performance of the B15R-7 Series promises a boost to productivity inside or outside the warehouse. What’s more, when equipped with the optional side ‘roll-in & roll-out’ battery facility, batteries can be simply and effortlessly changed for multiple shift operations.


Extra Safety Features

Safety is foremost in the design of the new B15R-7 Series. Prominent safety features include: Anti Roll Back for preventing accidental movement of the vehicle when stopped on a slope, Automatic Speed Control that adjusts the travel speed for safer cornering, and an Operator Sensing System that immobilises the truck and locks all hydraulic functions when an operator leaves the cab.

Further important safety-enhancing design features included as standard are: a newly designed overhead guard, an easily accessible emergency stop button on the dashboard, LED lights and excellent visibility through the mast.


Advanced Ergonomics

The sleek looks of the new B15R-7 Series are combined with sound ergonomics – taking safety, driver comfort, ease of maintenance and productivity fully into account.

The cab is designed for operator comfort and to reduce fatigue, with a fully adjustable premium Grammer suspension seat as standard, and excellent all-round visibility for safer manoeuvring with greater awareness. Other new features include, a smaller steering wheel and adjustable column for easier access and greater driver comfort, an upgraded and more intuitive instrument panel, and a USB port and 12V power jack for operator convenience.


Easier Maintenance

The new design takes ease of maintenance into account too, with improved accessibility to the controller and electric components, a tool-less side panel and easy-view software for adjusting control parameters to the operator’s wishes.


The new Doosan B15R-7 Series has everything a business needs to drive handling performance to a new level.

More on Doosan’s powerful new B15R-7 Series at https://doosanflt.com/b15r-7-electric-forklifts/