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Efficient energy use in storage systems

At LogiMAT, the International Trade Fair for Intralogistic Solutions and Process Management (19th to 21st February 2019, Stuttgart), the sawing and storage technology specialist KASTO will be presenting an innovative concept for energy recovery and storage in automatic storage systems. In this way, operators can convert surplus kinetic energy into electricity and store it temporarily for later use as needed.

 Increasing electricity prices and dwindling resources are creating a demand for energy-efficient intralogistic solutions. This has prompted KASTO to develop an innovative concept for its automatic bar stock and sheet metal storage systems. In addition to the DC link, which is provided as standard, the specialist supplier will also equip its systems with integrated energy storage on request. Surplus kinetic energy, such as that produced during the braking of the storage and retrieval machine (SRM) or when lowering lifting gear, can thus be converted into electrical current that can be stored temporarily and used as required. An intelligent controller charges and discharges the energy storage unit depending on what process is currently running. In this way, users can reduce the connected load of the SRM by more than 50 percent, and they can plan for and use smaller transformer stations. This reduces operating and investment costs. Existing KASTO storage systems can also be retrofitted with energy recovery and storage.

At LogiMAT, KASTO will demonstrate the concept at a UNITOWER type tower storage system. The UNITOWER is available in two different variants: As a version for the storage of long workpieces and as the UNITOWER B for sheet metal, flat products and containers. The tower storage systems are designed as modular systems, so customised solutions can be realised with ease. Cassettes, pallets or supporting frames are used as the load carriers. Thanks to their variable loading height, these tower storage systems can save much more space and are consequently more economical than conventional floor and cantilever storage systems. The UNITOWERS are also characterised by their high level of efficiency. The load carriers are handled by an SRM with a central crossbeam. Together with the superbly-efficient drives, this ensures fast access times and saves energy. Our advanced conveyor systems and processing machines can also be used to connect storage and retrieval stations fully automatically, ensuring a highly-efficient and smooth internal material flow. The overall package is rounded off by intelligent warehouse management and control software which can also be interfaced with the ERP system if required.