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ELEVATE–The Command Alkon Conference to Offer New Session Focusing on Women in the Heavy Building Materials and Construction Industry

Command Alkon, the global leader in integrated supply chain technology solutions for the Heavy Building Materials industry, is pleased to offer a breakout session at ELEVATE–The Command Alkon Conference that celebrates women in the Heavy Building Materials and Construction industry. This session is a chance for industry peers to join and listen to Anne Ellis, Founder and CEO of Ellis Global (pictured), speak about the value that women bring to our industry. Anne will discuss her experiences and how she believes women are transforming the industry, and attendees are encouraged to share common experiences and ideas about how to help the industry move forward for the betterment of all. The session will be held on Tuesday, October 30 at 2:00 pm.

“We have had several inquiries about offering a session commemorating the presence of women in a field that has historically been dominated by men,” said Kristin St. Peters, Customer Success Manager at Command Alkon. “It’s encouraging to see women flourishing in the construction space, but many factors still exist that create barriers to more young women entering the field. This session is a discussion about the value that women can bring to this industry and how we can work to continuously change the status quo.”

Command Alkon launched a series in March of this year titled “Building Amazing Women” that also inspired the breakout session at ELEVATE–The Command Alkon Conference. The series features women that serve many different roles in the Heavy Building Materials industry. These women share their experiences, what they gain from working in the industry, and their hopes for women in the future. “Building Amazing Women” launched the same week that the National Association of Women in Construction celebrated their annual “Women in Construction” week.

Anne Ellis is also one of the keynote speakers for the Conference. View the Ellis Global website to learn more about the role that she plays in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry.

 Check out the “Building Amazing Women” series on Mastery, by Command Alkon, for interviews highlighting women in the Heavy Building Materials space. If you would like to participate in this series, contact Karli Langner at [email protected].

Download the ELEVATE Electronic Brochure and check out the event website for more information on the conference. A comprehensive list of the breakout sessions, Solutions Labs, and Pros that Know opportunities can be found here.