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Five-time victory for Jungheinrich at the German Design Award 2019

Jungheinrich celebrates the win of five German Design Awards 2019. In the category “Industry“, the reach truck ETV 216 is honoured with Gold. Also among the awardees: our electric pallet truck EJE 116, the Jungheinrich brand’s reorientation as well as the company’s successful trade show appearance at LogiMAT. The jury’s Special Mention was given to the new Jungheinrich Intranet.

Every year, the German Design Council presents the German Design Award to outstanding products and pioneering projects that significantly contribute to the international design landscape. This year, Jungheinrich was able to win a total of 5 of the sought-after awards.

Big winner is the reach truck ETV 216i – its completely new truck design is rewarded with Gold in the category “Industry”. The secret of this innovative truck: The fully integrated lithium-ion battery blends harmoniously into the overall truck concept and makes the ETV 216i a shapely performance artist when it comes to ergonomics. The operator benefits from significantly more room to move and an improved visibility. The result: notably enhanced user friendliness and warehouse safety.

The EJE116, electric pallet truck and expert for economical transport of pallets over short distances, also wins in the category “Industry”. This vehicle mainly impresses with its compact, consistent design and the innovative multifunction tiller arm with advanced sensor technology for reliable and ergonomic operation.  Furthermore, the strategic reorientation of the Jungheinrich brand wins in the category “Brand Identity”. Jungheinrich is perceived as a seamlessly, holistic brand experience across all contact points. This is also reflected in the successful LogiMAT trade fair appearance, which won in the category “Fair and Exhibition”.

Michael Niebuhr, Head of Industrial Design Jungheinrich AG, explains: “We are proud that Jungheinrich’s innovative design approach is rewarded with a total of five awards in 2019. This is a great result that motivates us to continue our visionary thinking and to stay open to new technologies and design trends. For us, design is about more than mere product appearance. It is the face of our company, a key component of our success and a visual expression of quality and innovation.”

The German Design Award is the international premium distinction of the German Design Council. Its aim is to discover, showcase and honour unique design trends. This is why top-class submissions from product and communication design are awarded prizes every year, all of them trailblazing in their own way in the international design-scape. Launched in 2012, the German Design Award is one of the most highly recognised design competitions worldwide, enjoying a reputation far beyond specialist circles.

The Award is issued by the German Design Council – Germany’s leading authority on branding and design. Established as a foundation in 1953 on the initiative of the German Federal Parliament, the Council supports business in achieving brand value through the vehicle of design. This makes the German Design Council one of the world’s leading competence centres for communication and brand management in the area of design. Apart from industry associations and institutions, the foundation’s exclusive network of members includes in particular proprietors and brand directors from many big-name corporations.