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Forterro makes the leap towards intelligent software with Prodaso acquisition

Forterro, the European provider of ERP software solutions to the industrial mid-market, has acquired the German company Prodaso, an innovative startup specialising in the interface between IoT and AI applications for manufacturing processes.

Prodaso’s flagship product, DeepPRO, creates a digital twin of the production hall, providing a real-time overview of production processes. The software uses algorithms based on statistics and AI methods to detect anomalies and identify optimal operating conditions, resulting in a significant reduction in downtime and waste.

“If we want to give our customers a competitive edge in production, then innovative AI-supported technologies are the way forward, and we are delighted to be taking the first step in this direction with Prodaso,” said Marcus Pannier, Regional President Central Europe at Forterro. “Their pioneering product is the perfect addition for us to make our solutions even smarter and to accompany our customers into the next era.”

Nicolaos Debowiak, Co-Founder of Prodaso, commented:

“For my Co-Founder Manuel Meier and me, this acquisition was the ideal way to achieve our goals as quickly as possible. Forterro is the best partner for us – we share the same vision and company values, and we gain access to resources in marketing and sales as well as the power to scale and access the European market. We expect rapid market growth through Forterro’s strong customer base and look forward to taking our DeepPRO product to the next level by combining our expertise and experience.”

By integrating DeepPRO into Forterro’s ERP solutions, customers can maximise productivity through complete transparency and real-time analysis. The benefits of this integration include:

  • Improved resource efficiency and delivery reliability: intelligent control and planning with self-optimising AI algorithms.
  • Time and cost savings: Paperless production ensures up-to-date data and access from any location.
  • Quick optimisation start: Fast implementation without time-consuming master data maintenance.
  • Higher quality and error reduction: Early detection of anomalies and optimisation potential through pattern recognition in production processes.

In addition, Prodaso’s intelligent production planning automates the optimisation of production schedules based on real-time information, enabling fast and continuous adjustment. The combination of Prodaso technology with Forterro’s existing solutions results in powerful innovations in the field of APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) software that significantly improve production planning and operational efficiency.