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FourKites Leverages Clari’s AI-powered Revenue Platform to Drive Financial Excellence & Improve Customer Success

Clari today announced that leading real-time supply chain visibility provider FourKites, which has been running its enterprise-wide revenue processes with Clari’s industry-leading revenue platform for three years, has achieved unprecedented levels of visibility and control over its entire revenue process. In addition to providing transparency across company leadership, Clari empowers FourKites revenue professionals to execute with far greater speed, precision, and scale.

Clari’s purpose-built predictive and generative AI capabilities enable highly predictable revenue forecasting; automate previously manual work that took time away from selling and engaging with customers; and provide revenue teams with insights and suggested actions to accelerate conversion and close rates. Clari’s platform has also replaced spreadsheets and stale information with real-time revenue data that is being used to drive alignment between teams and more productive meetings throughout the company, from weekly forecast calls to boardroom updates.

“FourKites is proud to be well-positioned for long-term, sustainable growth, and Clari is an essential element in maintaining that strength,” said Ron Richardson, FourKites’ Chief Revenue Officer. “Clari’s AI analyzes FourKites’ historical revenue data, and then helps to predict if we will meet, beat, or miss on revenue at the end of the quarter. The predictability is highly reliable and has made us much more agile in how we run revenue.”

Chicago-based FourKites empowers business leaders with real-time visibility into freight across all modes of transportation, yards, warehouses, stores, and beyond. Tracking more than 3.2 million shipments daily and reaching over 200 countries and territories, FourKites combines real-time data and powerful AI to help over 1,500 of the world’s leading brands digitize their end-to-end supply chains.

Clari plays an important role in FourKites’ continued growth by helping the company maximize retention and achieve predictable revenue via an accurate renewals forecasting model. Specifically, Clari enables FourKites to align all revenue-impacting teams — sales, marketing, customer success, finance, and the executive team — with real-time updates on revenue. Additionally, because Clari is fully automated, FourKites’ teams are empowered with real-time data and insights to start conversations on a strategic, more actionable level.

“Innovative companies like FourKites are seeing firsthand how Clari’s platform leverages AI to help scale best practices for sales prospecting, deal management, conversation intelligence, and revenue forecasting across the business,” said Kevin Knieriem, President, Strategic GTM at Clari. “We’re delighted FourKites chose Clari on their revenue journey, and we look forward to continued work with them as we help them run the most important business process — Revenue — with speed and precision.”