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Gregory Distribution Scales Up Operations with Manhattan Associates

As supply chains and logistics becomes ever-more complex, companies increasingly need agile technology providers that can help them navigate challenges and meet the continuously evolving expectations of the end customer.

To meet the soaring demand for bespoke customer experiences, Gregory Distribution, (Gregory) one of the UK’s top independent logistics businesses, has chosen Manhattan SCALE, from industry leader, Manhattan Associates, to optimise its warehouse operations and deliver improved satisfaction to its 400+ customers.

Renowned for its comprehensive range of transport, warehousing, and 3PL services across the Southwest and throughout the entire country, Gregory sought a solution that could match its commitment to growth and innovation with its customers. Manhattan’s flexible, configurable SCALE solution proved to be the ideal fit, enabling:

  • Gregory to adapt instantly to evolving customer needs, delivering personalised services that set the company apart in a competitive market.
  • Gregory to operate with unparalleled efficiency through seamless integration. Manhattan’s SCALE solution blends effortlessly into Gregory’s existing ecosystem, creating a streamlined, feature-rich experience the end-user.
  • Gregory to prioritise growth. With technology taken care of the team at Gregory can focus on what matters most: driving business expansion by delivering exceptional logistics outcomes for its customers.

Liam Jordan-Martin, Head of Technology at Gregory Group says, “Our recent business growth demanded a scalable solution and a partner with proven expertise. Manhattan Associates exceeded our expectations, offering both a robust platform and leading industry knowledge. Manhattan SCALE’s configurability empowers our teams to respond swiftly to customer needs, while seamless integration with our existing systems ensures ongoing operational harmony. With Manhattan’s support, we’re confident in our ability to adapt, innovate and continue exceeding customer expectations.”

“Our technology provides the agility needed to thrive in today’s demanding market and we are thrilled to be part of Gregory Distribution’s ongoing journey towards logistics excellence,” commented Craig Summers, MD UK/VP Northern Europe & MEA, at Manhattan Associates. “With our 90-day innovation cycles, SCALE will continue to deliver on the exacting requirements of Liam’s team and their customers, long into the future.”

To see the partnership in action, watch Gregory’s video case study here and receive up-to-date product, customer and partner news directly from Manhattan Associates on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.