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IDC MarketScape Names Toshiba a Leader in Worldwide Point-of-Sale Software

Toshiba was named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Point-of-Sale Software in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Retail 2018 Vendor Assessment1.

“Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions stands out with its global presence, large installed base of POS systems, strong omni-channel vision and road map, and long record of innovation, making Toshiba a formidable competitor,” the IDC MarketScape report concluded.

Robert Eastman, IDC research manager retail insights and manufacturing insights, stated, “Toshiba’s TCx Elevate strategy recognizes that retailers are loath to rip and replace their POS systems, and delivers a platform approach promising an evolutionary alternative.”

TCx Elevate enables retailers to combine channels, touchpoints and applications to create more engaging customer experiences, improve productivity while presenting retailers with a bridge to next-generation technologies to power the future of commerce. TCx Elevate additionally equips retailers with the capacity to implement innovative and impactful technologies at their own pace by offering a way to unify and enhance their existing investments.

“Toshiba is honored to be recognized as a worldwide leader in POS software according to the IDC MarketScape,” said Mike Yeung, senior vice president of research and development at Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. “Toshiba is excited to be working closely with many of the most successful retailers in the world; empowering them to transform their in-store experience and deliver more frictionless operations leveraging Toshiba TCx Elevate solutions and services expertise.”