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Inverid makes NFC-based identity verification available in Ping Identity’s PingOne Davinci

Inverid announces integration of ReadID with Ping Identity PingOne DaVinci™, a no-code identity orchestration service. The collaboration will open access to billions of people from more than 170 countries to use secure chipped identity documents to protect their accounts in sign-up, recovery, and creation of verifiable credentials.

Inverid joins a growing network of technology partners developing integrations with DaVinci through the Ping Identity Global Technology Partner Program. With the ReadID connector now available, DaVinci users can orchestrate improved customer experience and security in a fraction of the time, through easy drag-and-drop integration of document chip verification in user journeys across multiple applications and ecosystems.

Document verification is usually part of a remote identity verification onboarding process that layers in detailed background checks on data sources and optical document inspection. Deepfakes and voice cloning now places tremendous pressure on people and processes guarding against fraudulent account creation and account takeover.

Scanning chipped identity documents is 100% automated, creates security, and removes people from the attack path. Now biometrics document scans can be added to account recovery as well as onboarding which underpins cryptographically secure authentication with a verifiable secure recovery process.

“Deepfakes don’t have chips in their fake IDs”, asserts Rob Brown, IAM expert at Inverid. “NFC chips in passports and ID cards prove they are the one and only, genuine, untampered documents. Any Ping customer or partner can now readily build customer or workforce document verification flows that are easy to use and secure.”

“Ping Identity is committed to expanding our technology partner ecosystem to deliver better, more frictionless customer experiences,” said Loren Russon, the SVP of product management at Ping Identity. “Our partnership with Inverid leverages DaVinci’s seamless orchestration to ensure dynamic user journeys are delivered quickly and efficiently at every stage of the user journey.”

For more information on Inverid’s work with Ping Identity visit the Ping portal or visit us at Identiverse Las Vegas (28-31 May) to see and try ReadID as part of the PingOne DaVinci platform. Rob Brown will speak about account recovery on Friday 31 at Identitiverse.